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"zKanji" an easy way you can study over 200,000 kanji.

Heres the link!!!


This is the best dictionary tools for studying and finding out tough kanji that is unrecognizable. You can draw out a kanji on this to find what you were looking for, which is super helpful. You can also find all similar characters to the On'yomi and Kun'yomi characters you search up or align with it. I actually had someone on Reddit tell me about this and I'm so surprised that I wasn't able to find this until now.

If you are a person that is looking to have more useful information learning Japanese consider becoming a Patreon. I make videos and consult to people that are intermediate to advanced level Japanese. Who are pursuing to live in Japan or improving their professional career. If not subscribe to this sites mailing list. I make posts about Japanese content frequently.

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