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Michael Cooper

Hi my name is Michael Cooper and I'm a language consultant for Japanese. I've been studying Japanese for half my life. I've been a translator for Japanese for 10+ years since 2012. I lived  and worked in Tokyo for considerable amount of time. I made this site to help other language learners of Japanese excel in their studies and achieve opportunities in Japan. I make videos on YouTube of my journey through learning Japanese and working with Japanese people online via social media. I've called my brand "The Study Kin" as a play on words in both languages in English and Japanese. In English kin means "one's family" and in Japanese it mean gold ”金” so in English "the study family" and in Japanese "the study gold".  I wish all the people I can help become family here and also find their gold here as well! If you love learning strategies for Japanese and knowing even more Japanese you're in the right place.

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