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How to get a working holiday visa to Japan.

I'm going to talk about my experience on how I got a work holiday visa to japan in 2012. The process and what you need to do.

What you generally need to do first is to save a up at least more than $2,500 ( for married spouses $3,500) and have a bought return ticket.

They will not allow you to go to Japan if you don not have this amount of money. Also you need a guarantor that resides in japan or its a no go.

Here's what you can do to get a guarantor which is really easy part. Just go to a Japanese language exchange make some good friends and as you already know they eventually go back to Japan.

Which means they reside in Japan WHICH MEANS! they can be a guarantor!! Their are other means to get a guarantor but quite risky so I wont mention it.

Once you know you have a good buddy to vouch for you in japan and some good savings you need to make an appointment to see the embassy what they do is give you a for on the details and reason why you want to go to Japan. Don't say stuff like "oh I want to go to Japan to watch anime and date Japanese girls" Just say you want to go down their to have an experience enjoy the culture and gain some work in another country. Nothing too out of the ordinary, you want these people to like you. They will ask for when you are going to Japan and request you to give out your passport information social insurance info and possibly if I remember correctly a criminal background check. Japan does not want hooligans running rampant in their country and they are very strict about having a clean record, so if you have a criminal record you're gonna have a hard time. Once you buy a your round ticket you need to send them a copy along with a bank statement of your funds to the date close to your flight. Now if you can do all that you should be fine!

For more information check out this wonderful site.

By the way not all country's are available for a working holiday visa to Japan so this is my experience in Canada.

For those in Ontario here's the address

Suite 3300, TD North Tower 77 King Street West Toronto, ON M5K 2A1

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