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How I learned Japanese the simple way

This is a very quick some up of how I learned Japanese. I been through a lot of online groups, and sites that provided Japanese material. But I did start off with one coursebook. Went through that book quite diligently. Studied after watching anime/dramas and meeting people and rinse and repeated this process, since I was 16 years old. I've bought only one dictionary which is the Koudansha dictionary. That my good friend terry suggested me to get and I still use it to this day. To understand stroke order and even more words. I know a lot of people are trying to learn Japanese but they are trying a million things and getting nothing done. Pick a process you like stick with it and believe in it. Then you will see results, trust your intuition guys. There's only so many routes you can go and analyze learning Japanese. But once you choose a process that works for you it all comes quite easily. The one thing is about us as people, we love to make things complicated for no reason. Something that is really straightforward we still find a way to question or analyze it further. It's the belief system that you need to change to get better at anything very black or white. Will this help me learn_____ more faster yes or no? If yes do it if no don't. I'm seeing a lot of learners for the Japanese language asking question they could get answers from in a book they could have bought at chapters,but they rather ask someone who may not know in a group. It's very strange how we think. Some of us need a valid group of people we need to approve of something before we invest into it. Other people just need enough information from the right source so they can commit to it. For me I just search for the easiest system from people who have done it already or already live that lifestyle. Because how can anyone fake that? If they're doing it on a daily basis and they bring results. Once again very straight forward, I wanted to talk a little bit on this for all the people who are still 2nd guessing still, find what works for you and commit. Ignore all other suggestions if you are already getting the results you wanted.

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