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-AJ Davis- Touch down into tokyo

Met up with a old friend I used to do modeling with in Japan 2011. We had crazy adventures enjoying the night life and overall in's and out's of living in Japan. Funny thing about not having WIFI set up is, that my phone has terrible battery life as well. We had a appointed date to meet up but my phone died in harajuku. He was pretty close by as well too but running to cafe's and trying to get a signal was challenging with low battery. The last point I made that I said I would meet up with him was in front of a building in Shibuya at 5 pm. I waited for 30 mins just for the sake of maybe he will show up there. but to no avail no where in damn site. It wasn't his fault anyway's just circumstances. And that my friends is life, circumstances well happen and you should not dwell on them.

Fortunately enough I asked around to take some portraits of people in the area and I came up with these amazing images!

Having the mindset that even when some things don't work other opportunities can happen as long as you allow them to happen. Is probably the biggest lessons I've learned doing photography.

After going home we rescheduled and finally got to meet the next day. Which was cool we had some takoyaki. Talked about life and business, and walked around exploring the city. The ongoing theme we'd talk about was the idea of being in the country so long but being desensitized to a lot of the things " that would appear cool" to someone just starting out in japan compared to someone like him who is a veteran in the country for 8+ years. I talked a lot about how a photographer see the world and how we show our perspective, and find the beauty in things that others simply just don't. Naturally I had to show him what I mean and I came up with this.

AJ is naturally a professional model so it was pretty easy to direct him. Here's the set up for the shoot I used.


Canon 80D

17-50mm Sigma

Tiffen Pro mist 1/4

400-1000 ISO

F/2.8 F/4.0

NEEWER NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash E TTL Camera Flash

Continuing on We talked a lot about his new line that is coming out. You see AJ is a designer with really high quality goods he's cooking up for the public very soon. And naturally I do fine art photography decided to work together to make sure things are done correctly. I'm very proud of my friend and I'm very surprised on how creative he is in his work.

If you want to check out AJ's work.

and if you want to see the new prints I'll be making this coming week from Japan check out my art store at.

Once again thanks for reading!





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