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What I learned from Japanese Dialects

When I first got into learning dialects it was really interesting to me, considering the Japanese language has several different dialects. Hakata Ben, Osaka Ben,Hiroshima Ben, Kyoto Ben, Nagoya Ben, Sendai Ben, Hokaido Ben , Kyushu Ben and the list goes on! When I got into the Japanese language groups in Toronto. I was surrounded by people who were mostly influenced by "Kansai Ben" because Kansai Ben has a lot of comedians related to pop culture at the time. It is a very popular dialect, most of my friends would speak it and eventually I a got accustom to it. Not just the dialect it'self but the slang associated with it as well. I also had some friends who spoke Kyushu Ben and I was sucked into that as well. I actually have a friend from Kyushu that I call my big sister. I remember the days we'd talk on Skype and she would teach me words that they would commonly use. Very nostalgic memories, I feel that the dialect itself gives people a style of character. Made me see how different regions of where someone was raised would change or show different forms of culture. It was really exciting watching Japanese comedians do Rakugo in Kansaiben dialect. Understanding punch lines and knowing when the delivery would come. In Japanese the subject is first in a sentence which makes it a little bit hard to not give the conveying message, away in a sentence early. But they always find a way to make things interesting and that's, the amazing innovative part of Japanese people that I'm proud of. Their creativity in storytelling is always great. its as if they see things on a whole new perspective. I want to touch a little bit more on my experiences through video form with you.

SSTJ Japanese Dialects #15

Also... I'm going to show you a silly video me talking about Kansai Ben with some words you might want to know Enjoy!

Man! this brings me some memories... I even did and anchor for my viewers and made another video with even more words.

I did some silly stuff in the past but all of it was because of the influence of Kansai Ben. Maybe you'll find a dialect that speaks to you someday

Keep up the studying.

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