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Tokyo life #2

I've been in Japan for the past month and I've had a lot of experiences. Met some new people made some new friends. And shot some new stuff. What I expected from Japan was only half of what I wanted really. What I really want or to say my goal in Asia is to travel and shoot a ton of stuff expand Next Level and have rich relationships with more like minded people. But I haven't quite found any on the same level or ambitions that I do. I have met people who have a dream and their quite passionate about it. Feels great to see those type of people. But I haven't really met someone that really has their stuff planned out. More than just that but continue to improve themselves. You see that is a big key component with business which I wish I could see from other individuals but honestly speaking I don't see it.

This makes me feel a little distant to interact as much as I was before. I was full of energy and would approach a ton of people even on the street. Majority of people were quite bad but I'm an optimist and the small few that were decent I really do appreciate it. Although I know I'm also an introvert in some cases my energy is quite limited and I've been a bit around the fashion scene in Tokyo. Some of my experiences just looking were great but actually talking to some individuals got me quite annoyed. I did come with the intention to get models and network but I can never forget the interaction I've had with some people who would have been great candidates to shoot, but they were just too weird. Now when I say weird I mean weird in the sense that they become nebulous and distant to the basics of communication. For example I was in the elevator going to an event party. I met a person with an interesting look I asked him a simple question if he were a "model" or if he did "Artist work" And instead of giving me a straight answer he said I quote "Maybe I don't know" What the hell does that mean?

This was too annoying for me to let slide. I asked the person right beside him the same question. They said "oh well actually I do photography" I reply back to the other guy like see that wasn't really that hard. We all looked at the other guy who said maybe like he was crazy weird. Because well he was and it was actually silly. That one interaction stayed in my head because it really was irritating. We come here to this event to have a good time/ Network etc. And you're being weird on the basics. Anyhow I met a cool photographer named Lena and some other people. From meeting up with @lenalyolik that led to meeting up with a football player named @lee_hightower on a business venture. That lead up to going to a football game watching Nojima Rise VS IBM in Kawasaki. Was pretty cool going since it was my first time going to a football game very grateful for the experience.

As always there were shoots that also happen click the links to see more.

Being in Tokyo I'm a bit displeased with how things have been because of my expectations but I've been trying to not have any. One of the main things I end up looking at is people. Does not matter where you go in the world what business you have. People are still going to act a certain way. Learning how to drop expectations and just accept things are quite a battle in itself. Because there has been countless times were I've met people to do simple tasks or basics. And they will do the exact opposite. To the point of me just giving up on it. No matter what I see the reoccurring thing I keep seeing in peoples behavior and motivations are all bent on selfish desires. Even myself I know I'm selfish but because I've trained myself and disciplined myself in being aware. Does not mean everyone else is or will be. I need to drop this expectation because it only brings me suffering.

I could rant on how many things didn't work out with me being here but what would that really change?

I must remain practical and move by my actions.

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