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Tokyo life #1

I decided to go to Tokyo as my first destination traveling Asia. Met up with some interesting models and cool places. I ran around to a lot of places I used to go to when I was younger around when I was 21. Year 2011 was a the time I left home the first time traveling alone and proving myself in my language ability. I've come back to enjoy Japan more rather than to just be working even thou I sort of am working. I'm making everyday count more than I did before back then.

When I was just about to touch down to Tokyo haneda airport I met up with Shojiro again on the plane! Didn't know he'd actually be on the same flight I'd be on. I saw him about to use the washroom and surprised him saying "Hey man I'm first" The face he made was so ridiculous. That one encounter turned into an adventure of finding my place to stay without having any available WIFI. We ran all over the place made tons of jokes. Apparently he hasn't been in the country for over 3 years. He treated the ticket gate like if he was using his presto card once. Was hilarious seeing his confused face after he realized this isn't Canada bro! After all the running around we found the place that I'd be staying at but I needed the key to get in 1st. I didn't go to the office so the registration etc was closed by the time we reached the spot. Luckily one of my future roommates of the place filled me in. He actually had the same problem before as well coincidentally. The adventure now turned into a haste to find a hotel to stay the night until tomorrow. Shojiro was nice enough to help me find one. Which led me to tons of hotels that were booked because of golden week. Was such an annoying search but alas. I decided to stay at a capsule hotel for the night were I could use the WIFI and figure out what to do tomorrow. I said my goodbyes to shojiro after eating a well deserved meal.

Thanks a million Shojiro you truly are adventurous! !

I have so many amazing plans for Japan and I will have some images available for purchase in my art store soon. But until then here are some images I've been already working on.

I'll have some speed retouches uploaded later.

Life so far Japan vlog 0 context


When you travel pack light.

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