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Koudansha Japanese Dictionary

I have had this book for at least 8 years, and I've used it countless times in my studies and now it got revised in better detail. I like this book because I can practice the stroke order properly and there are many definitions that come with it. In Kanji and with a Japanese sentence of the word in its use. Which is really helpful because, the Japanese language is heavily about knowing the context of what the word is used for. So this example is very useful for me as a Japanese to English translator. I revise sentences over and over again to make sure it is correct. Having this book to show me what context the word is used in is invaluable to me. I study with this book still to this day and I actually made a video explaining my method of learning Kanji.

Here's an amazon link to the book.

I'd really appreciate and be very grateful if you use this link. A small portion of the purchase you already were going to make will go into supporting this blog to making even more Japanese study content. I really put a lot of effort breaking down Japanese grammar and giving effective study plans and if you ever get time check out my post on how to learn 60 kanji in 1 hr it's completely free.

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