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Getting into Japanese translating.

Alright so at some point you are going to be so good enough and "aWeSoMe" at Japanese you might want to get into translating Japanese to English or English to Japanese. One thing that I always do is double check and proofread my work by looking up on an online dictionary, or when I'm done. I just want to be sure I let someone proofread it. Usually to someone who is Japanese just to make sure things sound well. Having the correct translation is important but also having it sound natural. Because we've all seen the bad translations. They sound like an old kung fu movie.

You can make money doing translations for companies. Depending on the field of focus you study on Medical, Law, Patent etc. You could be doing really life changing translations for people. Just imagine something simple as translating some anime you like to watch. To translating someones birth certificate or drivers license! Translating can be a big deal.

If you are interested in becoming a translator start on Proz

There's an entire community of people you can ask question to if you're stuck on a translation or confused on certain idioms.

There's also Translators Cafe which a lot of request for translations to be done get posted there and you can set up your account. Where you can receive emails when a job needs to be done in the languages you work in.

Some software's that help with translating/Subtitling

Recommended subtitle software "Aegisub"

If you are a person that is looking to have more useful information learning Japanese consider becoming a Patreon. I make videos and consult to people that are intermediate to advanced level Japanese. Who are pursuing to live in Japan or improving their professional career. If not subscribe to this sites mailing list. I make posts about Japanese content frequently.

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Translation services

If you are a company or an individual that is looking for translation services. Click on the cat icon below to fill out the form.
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