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A Practical and Effective Way of learning Japanese.

Hi everyone I've been studying Japanese for half my life (16 years in) I've worked in translation and I've lived in Japan for quite a while. When I was young I started translation at 21 years old. I'm 32 Now and I've decided to make an Ebook for others who want to learn Japanese but don't quite have the tools or guidance on what to learn.

I'm marketing my book called Self taught prodigy: A Practical and Effective Way of learning Japanese.

A very concise straight forward manual for Japanese learners who want to excel very quickly learning Japanese. For those who want to perhaps live in Japan or work in a Japanese environment. This is an all encompassing eBook that will save a learner a lot of time. The steep learning curve for Japanese is the very thing most people give up on. This book focuses on the tools to get you to results quicker. Mindset, strategy and actual clarity.

I'm not sure if any of you would be interested in this book but I'll teach you something right now if you are interested in learning Japanese. Specifically if you feel you are in the intermediate stage and want to reach an advanced level.

  1. Read only Japanese books that you are already interested in.

  2. While reading, take all the words you don’t quite know and archive them in a flashcard app with the definition on one side and the word on the other.

  3. Read slowly and collect more words until you finish reading the book.

  4. Then use the flash card app and just review them!

After you’ve done reviewing those words using a flash card app. All you need to do is repeat the process with another book.

That's it.

Now what makes this method work? When you start to learn the language within context. You begin to understand.

  1. What the word's definition is.

  2. The reason why it's used.

  3. How it is used.

  4. When it should be used.

  5. Where it’s used.

  6. And Who should use it.

Japanese may seem hard but your approach is what’s important.

If you are interested in Japanese or want a better strategy to learn Japanese. If this resonated with you here is a link to my book.

Self taught prodigy: A Practical and Effective Way of learning Japanese.

Thanks for reading.





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