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18#Do you know this expression?




To spoil quickly / To rot quickly


Tofu spoils quickly so please eat it within the day.


「予算よりも出費のほうが多くなる・赤字になる」 To be out of the budget / to make negative numbers out of the budget.


It cost more money than I expected, and money came out of the budget.



To quit doing an unwanted habit. ( like criminal activity / drugs etc.)


In the past I've done a some bad things but now I've turned a new leaf and living a more honest life.

Hey! I make videos on Japanese and English expressions and I also make those meanings very clear to learners on my blog.

I’m very passionate about this so I want to share as much as I know or will know. By signing up there will be a link to a discord with people who want to language exchange in Japanese and English. There you will find the book for free to download. If you like the book please leave a review so I can make the next book even better. I appreciate the ones that do this and I’ll add those reviews to my latest video.

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If you are having trouble reading the kanji in this post try this. Copy and paste the text into google translate to Japanese = English and look at the romaji ( the writings in English for the character) to get the accurate spelling for the character. If you’ve been studying Japanese for awhile you most likely have your keyboard set to switch between kana. Another thing you can do is take each character and put that through an online dictionary called If you are actively studying Japanese this is the bread and butter of learning.





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