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I want to go to Japan but I don't have a Degree.

I noticed there is a lot of people from the U.S that want to have something like the Japanese holiday work visa. But because it's not for the U.S they feel that they are screwed. Also they also have the belief, of that if you don't have a degree in Japan you can't get a Job/Visa. That's false. You can make it with different visa's one in particular is the Self sponsor visa which is obtainable. If you have a skill that you can use to market to a Japanese company that you are proficient in they will hire you. I've worked for a company while I was on a working holiday visa. I did not have a degree but I know I was really good at translating. The whole point of a degree is to verify the proof that you can do what you say you can do. This is the biggest thing companies want to ask to get from people in bulk. Because this weeds out the people who can't do the job.

But if you can do the job and you make it very obvious that you can that anxiety disappears, and trust replaces it. I literally had an interview were I was asked if I could speak Japanese while they were having a conversation in Japanese. This is how alert they are about their business. They were so alert with anxiety that they didn't understand that we were having a conversation in Japanese, it's really silly. It's like asking a fish if it can swim while you're both swimming together. The next thing they asked me is can you understand Kanji? The whole reason why I'm here and in this interview is because I was able to fill out an application in Japanese, to send to you for this Job. It sounds ridiculous but this is the screening process I had to go through. I had done work before in what I do and I had the documents to prove it. I had nothing to fear because I am certain about what I do and the biggest problem with most people is that they aren't.

Become certain understand your gifts and use them to your advantages.

If you want to know more about the Self sponsor visa here's the link

I hope this post helped you!

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