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JLPT Taisaku 113#にしたところで




also; (even) for ~



He has studied Japanese for 20 years, but he told me that even he still encounters grammar he doesn't understand.

子供はいつか手の届かないところへ行ってしまうものだ。自分の子だけはそうでないと思うかもしれないが、 あなたの子にしたところで同じだ。

Children go (places) beyond their parents reach sooner or later. You may think that your own children will be different, but they too, will be the same.


My husband, whose past affair was discovered, turned defiant, saying "it was 10 years ago, so it's too late ( to do anything). "I, too, couldn't bear to go forward with a divorce when I thought about our children.

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