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How to study 60 Kanji a day in 1 hour


Here's the link to the free kanji flashcards.

This is the easiest and most effective way of learning Kanji that I do on a daily basis.

1. Go through the flashcards 1-60

2. Listen to positive motivational speakers while you review them

3. Continue going through the 60 flashcards until a whole hour is finished.

4. Mark your progress by a tally.

5. Continue doing this method until you recognize the characters automatically.

*The site uses Java so make sure your browser can use Java and you should be fine*

I like to mark my progress on another piece of paper as a tally through how many Kanji I've already learned already.

I'ts a great way to see how many times you've went over a set of Kanji, and notice how far you've came. Because every stroke represents a day you dedicated an hour to improve in Japanese.

I highly recommend anyone studying through the Jouyou kanji buy James W. Heisig's remembering the kanji I cannot stress enough how effective it is to use this book while doing flash cards. You will be able to recall the characters and produce them.

Here is a video further explaining it's importance.

If you are studying Japanese and looking to improve your language skills consider joining the discord by subscribing to the blog. It's a language exchange between Japanese/English speakers. If you have a question or problem ask the group! Also get my book Self-Taught Prodigy "A practical and effective way to learn Japanese" from signing up to the blog. You will find it in the discord where you can download for free. I strongly believe it should give you the road map on what you should focus on learning Japanese. That and there are Japanese people waiting to engage with English speakers so ask them anything.

Thanks for reading!





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