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5 language learning principles to high proficiency.

1. Media

You need to have some form of media to watch that you enjoy in that target language. Not cartoons or anime but you need to watch actual people and practice mimicry. The more you pick up on social ques and other facial gestures that go with different situations the more likely you will be able to understand. Which way words are said and in what situation of emotion that needs conveyed to make the correct communication.

2. Repetition

There needs to be some form of repetition within you studying. Not memorizing memorizing is using your short term memory rather than your long term memory. People use memorizing to pass a test or exam. For language learning you are focusing on your long term memory not your short term memory. I made a video about memorizing is not studying that I'll provide at the end of this post. What you need to do is be consistent after watching media. Study what you could not understand, and make it your duty to have a course book to study for at least one hour a day to understand what that languages structure is about in terms of grammar and idioms used.

You need to create an environment around you that keeps you immersed in that language. Whether it is music you like listening to in that language. Having your Facebook or social media accounts in that language. Your phone in that language your computer in that language. The reason I say this is because the more exposure you have with the target language the more you get used to, using that language as a means. Think about it people use this language on a daily basis. How will you ever get on their level if you are not taking on the same habits that hey do on a daily basis using that language?

4. Friendships

You need to create a friendship with someone who is a native of that language and help each other in an exchange of words. The benefits of doing this is understanding colloquial slang's idioms and their culture. That are most likely not in books you can understand and learn what generation they are from. Also the more you talk with that friend you made, the more you learn about that persons culture and open different point of views that will enrich your life.

5. Record

Make a journal for every time you've made a breakthrough in fluency. For example if you could barely speak compared to when you could. Express what you wanted to say with more ease. What I did to gain fluency was that I would I recorded myself speaking and had other people critique or correct my mistakes. I did this on YouTube, If you don't like YouTube and showing your face go on an online form that uses the target language you want to learn. introduce yourself and what you plan on saying to other people take revaluation into practice.

Thanks for reading I hope you reach high fluency in your target language. learning a new language can open up new point of views in cultures and on life. To this day I'm still very grateful I took the opportunity to learn another language, it wasn't easy but it was worth it.

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