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20 things I'd tell a 20 year old If I could relive my 20's.

I'm making this post to talk about specifically what a young man in there 20's should focus on in their 20's to save time.

  1. Focus on what you actually like rather than what other people are telling you.

This is pretty hard but a valid goal nonetheless. We live in a world where we have constant influences from everywhere. Your parents friends and the people you have to face in your day to day. The only way you can really find what you actually like is really to try everything. You'll soon find out what you don't like and that narrow focus will form. Don't let other people sway you from what you get absolute joy from and be daring you have youth. You can bounce back very quickly when you are young.

2. Vet out your friends and your family.

These are the years where you need to build a network of people who actually care about you and you know their motives and they need to know yours. The relationship that you have with them should benefit the both of you in a way you don't need to have this skepticism of if their intentions are true or not. Unfortunately even though you were born in a family or had people close to you growing up with you. They might not be 100% on your side. And that's okay. Not everyone will be the life you are going to live does not need to involve them its really up to you because well its your life.

3. Teach people how they should treat you.

This goes with the vetting again but this also goes for strangers as well. You need to gain self respect and a moral compass that does not hurt others but gives respect for other peoples boundaries just as much as you need to make boundaries for yourself. Don't be delusional and demand things just have rules of what should be acceptable within reasonable boundaries. You'll know when something is wrong follow that instinct and make sure to set the rule that, this type of behavior is no acceptable within your presences. People will get the message when you enforce the the reasons and display why your value is important. You can punish people in many ways one of them is your presence if someone is not willing to respect you in reasonable boundaries they don't deserve your time period.

4. When you find your skill practice it everyday.

This world wants something from you and the only way you can really provide that value as a individual is to figure out what you to effortlessly just because you have put so many hours in perfecting a skill. This skill will change your life so put at least 1hr or even 2 hrs. A day always sharpening this blade. It will help you make a job or a business its up to you but these are the years you grind into your craft. If you are an excellent technician in your craft word will spread focus down and charge people for your excellent work.

5. Don't get into a relationship.

Yes be single. You can date you can have sweet hearts but really in truly this should not be a priority sure you can have one. But it's not as important until you've figured out what you are good at and your finances are in order. It almost will feel like a waste of time to pursue a relationship as a man at this age. Most people in their 20's are figuring it out and that doesn't scream confidence now does it? Once you figure out what your purpose is on this planet helping other people which a lot of people struggle with in their 20's by all means try it out.

6. Get into the habit of saving half or more of your income for the old man in your 30's

If you can save 50% of your income and invest more into your skills that you know will increase the quality of your life do it. When I say increase the quality of life I don't mean partying I mean you have something that will increase your earning potential, increase the options of meeting people who are for you and want you to succeed in life. I know this sounding like gaining money power respect. But get this. If you don't have money you can't really help people. If you don't have respect you don't have any influence, and if you don't have any power you can build security. With that being said focus on saving 50% of your income and investing in quality of life.

7. Figure out what your lineage is the history of how you came to be.

I think everyone should do this. Figure out why your dad met your mom. Why they decided to be who they are. The story why they moved to America or Canada or anywhere really. Know why there are similarities between you and your relatives. If there is trauma that has affected your mother or father or any other relatives figure out why everything started and decide if you want those problems to repeat or not. I'm a big fan of psychology and I'm absolutely certain if you gain more ground in understanding where you came from and why you've come to be where you are now. It gives you more poise and character to face the world. There's a lot of people in the world right now that don't know where they came from if you are fortunate enough to figure that out do it.

8. Stop caring about people who want the worst for you.

There's a lot of wicked people out there that have no better time spent on other things than trying to torture other people. There are people who really have NOTHING better to do with their time but to make your life a project where they can derive a sick joy from seeing you suffer. You'll understand who these people are after they demonstrated what they value to you.

9. Pay attention to the things you can control.

The world is so chaotic and tipsy turvey it's best just to focus on the things within your control. That's your routines and your daily habits. What media you expose yourself too. The food you eat, the attention you give other people. Try to have more control over your mind. I truly believe if you can master your mind if you instill yourself with discipline. It just wont be easy.

10. Give up on what wont happen.

If an opportunity has passed just let it go move on its tough to mourn the loss of it but got to keep on moving. Don't think too poorly on what you don't have and focus on what's yet to come.

11. Figure out your limits

These are the years where you can get injured and heal recover relatively quickly I'm not saying to become daredevil or something of that sort. I'm saying see how fast you can run, see how long you can work out, see what you can withstand under pressure. Maybe try ice bath challenges to see how much you can tolerate. I'm not saying to do this but know how long you can go without sleep food etc. Try it understand your body. Because one day you're going to need to know what you can handle.

12. Try everything

Keep trying new stuff all the time and ignore everyone's opinion. Just continue doing this so you can figure out what you don't want to do in life.

13. Whatever your parents did it was in another time.

Listen to your parents with a grain of salt. What I mean by that you can still take they're advice but its best to see if that information is even applicable in this day and time. There's a lot of change happening and they can't keep up. A lot of people not all but a lot of people get comfortable have kids and become stuck in their ways. Not a bad thing but for what you need to accomplish in life it's best to verify this information. Your parents did they're best. At some point they might even need your help.

14. Health is wealth

As much as people may say time is money health is the true wealth. If you can't get out of bed because you have terrible diet. You got all sorts of health issues then yea you're broke. What can you really do if you can't do the basics anymore? Time is great to have and you should utilize it well on this earth. But seriously I don't want to be incapacitated because of poor diet or lack of exercise. These days If I get injured sick I'm out the game of life for awhile. We just had a global pandemic not much else of a point needed to be proven why health matters just take care of it.

15. Figure out the motives of the people around you.

If you take the time to figure out the motives of the people around you, your life will get a lot more easier. Everyone on this planet wants something or is looking for something. If you can direct them in the right direction and provide value. All of a sudden you've become integral in their search or mission. Just understand the trade you do with that person is a win/win situation. Not a situation where you are just being exploited.

16. Read even more.

Through my 20's I read a lot of books and watched tons of movies/shows with subtitles all the time. If I could do it all over again I'd do it x2

17. Whatever calls you do it.

There was a time in my life where I paid too much attention to the opinion of others based off of wondering how others would treat me. Just stop caring and do whatever is calling you and if it scares you a little bit more reason to try it. This life thing is all about human experiences. I truly believe we are all spiritual people going through the human experience so enrich your life by just doing what calls you.

18. Travel

Travel just do it. Even if it's alone whatever.... Just do it.

19. A job is the least of your worries.

There's a lot of ways of making money pick one. It's all scary there is no such thing as job security. Figure out what you give as value to the world and go all in on that. The money will come don't let them lie to you. You're worth a lot, you just don't know it yet.

20. Understand who you are outside the influences of others.

If you have to be alone to figure out what makes you tick do it. Try and find a space in time where you have no outside influences. The world is always trying to sell you some type of bullshit you don't even need. That could be even in your immediate circle. I'm not saying to ditch people I'm saying understand who you are when no one is around. This will make you are more calms person in general. Because you can now see what influences are good or bad for your well being.

That's my 20 I hope you enjoyed the read. I'm a 33 year old as of writing this. What do you think? If it resonated with you let me know.

Thank you.





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