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5#Do you know this expression?


Break a leg: Good luck!

(Example: "I hope you break a leg in your audition.")

Break a leg 意味:幸運を祈ります、頑張れ


A piece of cake: Something very easy.

(Example: "That math problem was a piece of cake.")

A piece of cake 意味:朝飯前、余裕のよっちゃん、簡単

例文の訳: その数学問題簡単でした。

Kill two birds with one stone: Accomplish two things with a single action.

(Example: "By going to the grocery store, I can kill two birds with one stone and pick up my prescription as well.")

Kill two birds with one stone. 意味:一石二鳥



Kill two birds with one stone.

Break a leg:

A piece of cake:

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